Your Website

Did you know two of the most important pages on your business website are the Home page and the About page?

Did you know the #1 thing your business customers want to see on websites is product or service information…and only half of businesses include that? And half of businesses forget to even display clear contact information?

Did you know you should ask your visitors to take at least one action step on each page, even if it’s just to click to the next page?

Did you know the writing style and layout of your content profoundly affects whether your visitor decides to stay or click out?

Your small business website isn’t just an online brochure…

It’s your company’s most important marketing tool. And yet studies have shown you only have a matter of seconds before your visitors quickly lose interest and click away. Most will never come back — they’ll try your competitors instead.

Are you a start-up business in need of a new website?

Know what you want to say but not sure how to say it? Here are some important keys to keep in mind:

  • Your website content needs to be clear, understandable and compelling. There’s no need to sound “businessy.” People want to know what you do and who you do it for…and don’t want to muddle through fancy words or techie jargon.
  • Simplify and clarify the navigation so your visitors know exactly where to go next. If possible, get them there in three clicks or less.
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, and the type size large. Don’t scare your visitors away with long, unbroken paragraphs in small type. If it looks like work to read, they won’t read it.

Do you need to update and upgrade your website?

Maybe you have an established business and have had a website for years. But you know it’s outdated and the content needs help. Especially if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, now is the time for an overhaul.

“After spending several months trying to establish a website for our business with a web designer who did not understand what I was looking for and would go long intervals with no communication, I turned to Sharon.

“I shared what we were looking for and gave her basic information for our website. In a very short turn over time, Sharon came up with exactly what we wanted and more.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the time, efficiency and professional way Sharon worked our project.”

Diane Weber, Co-Owner of Progressive Energy Corp., Hugo MN

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Would you like more details on what goes into a great small business website? Or maybe you’re one of the half of all American small businesses that doesn’t have a website yet.

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