Social Media Strategy for Success — Be a Rock Star! [Infographic]

There’s no doubt a defined social media strategy can give your business some solid umph.

Much of success comes from the content you’re posting and how you’re leading your social fans back to your website.

And there’s also the nuts and bolts of using each social channel. That’s what this infographic, from Matt Banner of OnBlastBlog, gives us so well.

USE VISUALS on your social posts to dramatically increases views and shares. But since the size and format is different for each channel, this chart is handy to keep them all straight. No more trying to remember which is which.

No more trying to fit a vertical Pinterest photo into your horizontal Facebook post.

SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS for the best days and times for each channel. It’s tempting to write and post whenever the mood strikes. But it’s better to know the most likely times for views and shares.

Even though you’ll still want to test for your own audience, this is a great place to start.

SHARE YOUR POSTS and get your readers to do the same by using the Tips & Tricks included here.

And for an added bonus, Matt includes 5 ways to write irresistible headlines to pair with your visuals to grab attention.

Without further ado, Everything You Need to be a Social Media Rock Star:

Social Media Cheat Sheet

(Infographic © 2016 by Matt Banner. Used by permission.)