There are so many marketing tools available, and so many experts recommending this or that. It can be confusing and overwhelming to decide what to focus on.

So you need a strategy — a written plan that diagrams how you’ll take your organization from where it is now to where you want it to be. Your plan can include any number of the many effective tools. Some are necessary, others are optional.

Here’s a summary of the marketing tools I can help you produce so you can grow and strengthen your organization.


Your most important marketing tool. You’ve got 3-5 seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. Is it professional? Can they see immediately what you offer and who your target audience is? Is it easy for your visitors to find their way around?

Do your core pages need an overhaul? An update? Are you starting from scratch? I can help you get your message across clearly and concisely.

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Email Newsletters

This one is the double whammy. Regular newsletters help establish your expertise by giving valuable information to your audience. And they build relationships by going directly to your in-house mailing list weekly or monthly, inviting comments and dialog.

We can develop an email newsletter your audience looks forward to reading. An newsletter is relationship marketing at its finest—if you do it right.

And print newsletters? They’re not dead yet! In fact many business owners are finding them more alive than ever, since almost everything else is online these days. I can handle the writing, the design and working with the printer for you.

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Lead Generation campaigns

A Lead Gen campaign needs several parts working together to make a whole, functioning machine. The following are a couple of the larger pieces that are needed, interwoven with landing pages, opt-in forms and your email marketing service:

1. Lead Magnet—(or bait piece) A free offer your target audience would love to have in exchange for their name and email address. This can be anything from a 1-page pdf checklist to a full-blown ebook or video training.

2. Email Autoresponders—the follow-up emails sent to those who just gave you their email address. They help nudge your new leads further along the buying process while continuing to add value by being consistently helpful.

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Blog Posts & Researched Articles

These are similar beasts with just a few differences. Both accomplish two important functions:

1. They provide your readers with valuable, useful information. This tells them you’re both generous and an expert in your field.

2. They provide content for the search engine “spiders.” Google and company love quality content on websites, and will reward it with higher rankings in organic searches.

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Video Scripts, Slide Decks & Infographics

Whether a “talking head” or a recorded voice-over, videos start with a well-written script. A well-done video sales letter (VSL) can become a key part of your sales funnel. Or you can put helpful content in video format.

Slide decks are created in PowerPoint or Keynote. They combine visuals with concise content, and then can be posted on your website and SlideShare (a LinkedIn site devoted to slide decks).

Short for information graphic, an infographic combines graphics and concise content in a single poster-like image that’s easy to share and click.

Both slide decks and infographics are great for re-purposing content from other longer marketing pieces.

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Graphic Design

While my main thrust is copywriting, I have over 25 years experience in graphic design, too. I can handle most of the projects I write,  saving you time and money as a one-stop shop.

Examples of projects include ebooks, email newsletters, checklists, pdf documents, basic infographics and slide decks. I’ve even done a couple of print book layouts with cover design.

WordPress Website Design

I’ve developed a handful of WordPress websites (including three of my own), with both design and content.

If you’re a small or micro business and want a basic WordPress website that you can take over once completed, let me know. I’ve done that for clients who’ve been very happy with the results.

(See my Portfolio page for samples of both graphic design and website design).