Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation has an important place in your overall marketing strategy. It’s the first step in finding and making a connection with those who need or want your products or service. It’s often the first step of a successful sales funnel.

When you can build your own email list rather than rent from a list broker, you know the vast majority of the names are already interested in your business. Your in-house email list becomes an extremely valuable marketing tool.

There’s debate over quantity vs. quality — and the type of business you’re in will determine which is best for you. Either way, having an incentive to trade for that email address is often what will nudge your site’s visitor into giving it to you.

A lead generation piece (also known as bait piece, buzz piece, lead magnet) can be: a white paper, a special report, a checklist, an audio cd, a dvd, an ebook. It’s usually a digital file that can be linked to an autoresponder email series and downloaded right away by your prospect. But it can also be an actual cd, dvd or book.

A lead generation piece is a great way for you to prove your expertise. It’s also a great way to show generosity to prospects by giving away valuable, useful information.

Having a lead generation piece in place involves a few steps:

  • Writing and producing the piece
  • Writing and setting up a landing page on your website for signup
  • Having email autoresponders set up to acknowledge, thank and follow-up

I can help you with each step of the process.

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