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Along with e-newsletters, email series and autoresponders take full advantage of one of your key marketing assests: your email list.

An important difference between these and an e-newsletter is that when someone opts in to your newsletter, the first issue she’s sent is the next issue in line. In order to get previous issues, she’ll need to go into the archives on your website. In an email series or autoresponder series, she’ll get the first one in the series and each subsequent one after.

An autoresponder series is typically what gets sent when someone opts in to your e-newsletter, signs up for a free offer, buys a product or service, or otherwise gives you his email address. They’re sent in a predetermined order and on a predetermined schedule.

An email series can be more specific to a seasonal product, special offer, new product or service, and so on.

Both types of emails are set up and sent out through an email marketing service, as are e-newsletters. You can use the same service for all three. Once they’re set up, you simply schedule the delivery dates and it’s hands-off from there.

These types of email series are excellent ways to nurture a relationship with both prospects and current customers. Whether it’s leading them to a purchase or sharing useful information, they help strengthen the bond between you.

Any type of business can take advantage of these powerful tools. I can help by offering ideas, writing them, even getting them set up for you so you don’t have to worry about the details.

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