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The email newsletter is such a powerful marketing tool because it goes directly into the inbox of a prospect or customer who’s specifically asked for it.

Here’s what some of today’s marketing leaders are saying about e-newsletters:

Newsletters are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.” – Dan Kennedy, consultant, business coach, strategic advisor

“Every newsletter that you send serves to solidify the connection between your company and your customers.” -Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development, e-newsletter specialist

“Any informative email newsletter helps build relationships and customer loyalty.” – Michael Griffin, Email Newsletters 101

“Email and e-newsletters are probably the two most underestimated media or communications channels available to online marketers.” – Nick Usborne, copywriter, author, coach, online writing expert

There are three key functions of a good email newsletter:

  1. It helps capture email addresses. Your mailing list is your bread and butter for your online marketing. An e-newsletter can help you build a strong list that’s specific to your business.
  2. It keeps your business in front of your prospects and customers on a regular basis. When it comes time for them to buy a product or service you provide, your name will be the first one they think of.
  3. It establishes and reinforces your organization as a thought leader in your industry. As you keep giving them useful and valuable content, they’ll come to look to you as an expert. You’ll build on your reputation as someone they know, like and trust.

E-newsletters can be sent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (sending less often than monthly gives your audience more of a chance to forget you).

Sharon has added tremendous value and leadership to our electronic newsletters. She plans, writes, edits, executes and manages this piece for us. She is hard working, attentive to detail, articulate, timely, and dependable.

– Andrew Arnold, Executive Director of Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries, Laramie WY

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