7 Reasons Why You Should Publish an E-Newsletter

If your business doesn’t publish an e-newsletter yet, you’ve probably heard of them and maybe wondered what all the fuss is about. Or maybe you’re thinking of starting one but aren’t sure the time, effort and money will be worth it. Here’s a primer to get you started… 1. Your list of readers will be … Read more

How to Use Autoresponders [Infographic]

Autoresponders are emails you’ve set up through your email marketing service that are sent automatically based on time or an action of a visitor. For example, when you purchase a project and receive a thank you email—that’s an autoresponder. If you get follow-up emails from that company, those are also autoresponders. The advantage of them, … Read more

How to Write a Blog Your Customers Want to Read

Some very successful businesses aren’t blogging. I can think of many small businesses in my local area that get so much business from referrals they don’t bother. The best advice I’ve heard so far on whether to have one is: If you like to write and want to write a blog, write one! If you … Read more