Repurposing Your Content to SlideShare

repurpose to slideshare

Repurposing your content is a great idea in general. It’s a way to get your message across in several different forms, with the end goal being to cover the different ways people enjoy taking in information. Some like to read, others like to watch, and still others would rather listen. Converting an article to a … Read more

What You’ll Want to Know about Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing vs. Outbound marketing. Have you heard those terms? Inbound marketing has been making strong strides in the past few years. So much so that 3 out of 4 marketers now say it works better than Outbound. If this is all new to you, or if you’ve heard snatches but want to learn more, … Read more

The Key to Content Overload: Repurpose Your Content

repurpose your content

There’s no doubt about it. Everywhere I look, online marketing and SEO experts are saying, “It’s about quality online content.” Google and the other search engines use quality online content as one of their top ranking metrics. Prospects and customers are looking for it too. Studies are showing the vast majority of your site’s visitors — … Read more

How to Really Use Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy

using social media

10 years ago this topic wasn’t on the radar. Today we can hardly escape it. Facebook…LinkedIn…Pinterest…Twitter…Google+…Tumblr…Instagram… How do you make sense of all the social media options for your business? Jump on the bandwagon and get an account everywhere? Ignore them and hope they go away? It won’t surprise you that the answer lies somewhere … Read more

Essentials of Effective Email Newsletters [Infographic]

I subscribe to several email newsletters (or e-newsletters). In fact, I’ve signed up for so many I finally started unsubscribing to those I rarely read. But one I always read is The Likeable Expert Gazette by Michael Katz. Michael built his freelance business from scratch using email newsletters as his only marketing tool. So I … Read more