Is Your Business Mobile-Friendly?

Ok, so I’m behind the times. I do not own a smart phone. I just haven’t needed one yet. I don’t own a tablet either. Same reason. So far I haven’t cared much about mobile friendly. But I’m abnormal today, I know, especially in the business world. Some studies have shown that over half your … Read more

How to Use Autoresponders [Infographic]

Autoresponders are emails you’ve set up through your email marketing service that are sent automatically based on time or an action of a visitor. For example, when you purchase a project and receive a thank you email—that’s an autoresponder. If you get follow-up emails from that company, those are also autoresponders. The advantage of them, … Read more

Do Your Website Visitors Feel Welcome?

welcome your visitors

One afternoon years ago when our three kids were preschoolers, a neighbor came over and asked to use my phone. She was locked out, and this was before any of us had cell phones. As she stood in the living room talking on the phone, I happened to look around the room and noticed it … Read more