Why Nature Should be Your Business Partner

beautiful sunrise

While digging into some studies on the benefits of outdoor recreation, I’ve  learned some fascinating things. We all know exercise is good for us, especially if we have a sedentary job. My location-of-choice for exercise has always been outdoors. No matter the season or activity, I want to be outside. In fact, I’ve been an … Read more

75% of Businesses Aren’t Taking Full Advantage of These…

What is this easy, versatile tool? The email autoresponder. Maybe you’re already using autoresponders in your marketing, customer support, customer nurturing strategy, and sales. If you are, you already know the advantages and have reaped some of the rewards. Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about. Or if you do, you’re not sure how … Read more

Do you have a Secret Weapon?

I subscribe to quite a few e-newsletters from more experienced writers and marketers. One of them is by Michael Katz, the self-described “Chief Penguin” of Blue Penguin Development. He’s known for his expertise on publishing e-newsletters, and for helping solo entrepreneurs with their own marketing. Michael’s e-newsletter today really caught my attention because he talks … Read more

Best Practices for Marketing Your Small Business

The most successful businesses are the ones who market the most successfully. I read something along that line recently. I can’t remember where, but it stuck. Some of us love to market. Others of us see it as the necessary evil of doing business. But however you look at it, your business can’t be successful … Read more