Be an Email Marketing Success Story

email marketing success

In the February issue of Bite-Size Marketing Digest, we talked about how email marketing is trouncing social media in getting new customers. (For a quick review of the content in a SlideShare deck, click here and scroll to the bottom.) But what exactly is email marketing? What are the keys to using it successfully? Email … Read more

Email Marketing Trounces Social Media

email marketing trounces social media

Few marketers doubt the value of social media for business success these days. And the purpose of this issue isn’t to diss SM and that value. But when it comes to getting customers, email marketing still performs 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined. So while being social is important, you can ignore those … Read more

Is Your Website Content Easy to Read?

easy website content

There are loads of ways you can ensure your website’s content is easy for your visitors to read. Why is this important? So they’ll read it! You want them to see clearly, quickly and easily that you can solve their problem or help them gain what they want. We’ll cover just 5 of these in … Read more

Repurposing Your Content to SlideShare

repurpose to slideshare

Repurposing your content is a great idea in general. It’s a way to get your message across in several different forms, with the end goal being to cover the different ways people enjoy taking in information. Some like to read, others like to watch, and still others would rather listen. Converting an article to a … Read more

The Life of Joseph [Infographic]

The life of Joseph — the son of Jacob and great-grandson of Abraham — has always been one of my favorite stories in the Bible. There are so many parallels we can draw from his life to our own. Not the circumstances exactly, but the way God orchestrated his path of destiny. This simple infographic … Read more