Is Your Website User and Google Friendly?

user and google friendly

“Is my website user and Google friendly?” If you’ve never asked this question, you should! Your business website needs to be written and designed for two different audiences: your target audience (your users) and Google (search engines). The handy thing is that when your website is user-friendly it’s also Google-friendly, and vice-versa. Here’s what I … Read more

Build Authority with Your Target Audience

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Being a Trusted Authority in your industry is a huge key to business success. Whether you already have some good, solid authority or have yet to build it—there are many ways to increase your authority with your target audience. What or who is an Authority? Someone others look to for answers, approval, direction, correction—someone who’s … Read more

Social Media: 11 Ways to Use It Strategically [Infographic]

Social Media can work hard for your organization…if you use it strategically! Skim through this, then see the infographic below for 11 ways to take advantage of the digital phenomenon called social media: 1. Expand your reach Most of your target audience—even your avid followers—aren’t going to your website. But they are on social media. … Read more