About Sharon

What I doSharon Brodin content writer

I help businesses and non-profits in the outdoor industry connect with their target market so they can grow and succeed.

I do this by writing clear, concise content for their websites, e-newsletters, emails, blogs, lead generation pieces, and other marketing tools.

Who I work with

Outdoor organizations including resorts, outdoor ministries, gear manufacturers, camps and campgrounds, ranches, associations, outdoor travel destinations, and others that serve the outdoor market.

I also work with several non-outdoor small businesses in my local Twin Cities area. I love meeting my clients face-to-face!

What makes me different

Because I have over 20 years graphic design experience, I can offer professional formatting and design of all the projects I write. I’ll make sure the words and design work together to follow best practices for readability, function and attractiveness.

What others say about me

about Sharon BrodinHere are some of the kind things others have said about me:

“She took the extra time to figure out what we wanted to say and the feel for our business…”

“She was timely and right on the spot. We highly recommend her services…”

“Her work is excellent and thorough…”

“…dependable, responsible, honest and extremely courteous…”

“I appreciate your attention to detail, your creativity and your initiative.”

“…someone you can trust, someone that will listen and have your best interest at heart, and someone that will go the extra mile to make sure the job gets done right…”

“…strong character and work ethic, a desire to serve…”

“She has an eye for detail but also sees the big picture, is flexible yet steadily persistent…”

“Sharon’s attention to detail combined with her relaxed personality brings the best out of every situation.”

“Sharon is fantastic.”

How I can help you

Do you find it challenging to grow your website traffic? To convert your leads into customers? I can help you do that by producing the marketing content you need to:

  • Generate leads and build your in-house mailing list.
  • Connect you with your prospects and customers, and nurture your relationship with them (relationship marketing).
  • Educate your prospects and customers.
  • Produce or revise your website for clarity, usability and professionalism.

You can find more details on specific projects on my Services page.

about Sharon Brodin

About Brodin Press

Brodin Press LLC is the official name of my business. It’s a name I came up with years ago when I started designing and printing custom greeting cards from nature photos taken by my family and me. The name now encompasses:

  • This site, SharonBrodin.com
  • ActiveOutdoorWomen.com—My personal blog geared towards women like me who love being active outdoors. There are posts about awesome destinations, gear I love, outdoor volunteering, getting our families outside and active, and lots more.
  • Twin Cities Outdoors—coming soon!! An online resource center for Minnesota’s Twin Cities residents and visitors looking for local hiking, biking, camping and paddling venues.

Who I am

I love the outdoors, and enjoy spending time out there going for walks, running, canoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, hiking, camping, riding horses…you get the idea. I’m an amateur nature photographer. Most of the photos on my two websites are ones I or one of my family members have taken (since I passed on my love of picture-taking to my kids!).

I love music and continue to devote part of my life to teaching piano privately and working with my church’s worship team. My college degree is in music and I’m grateful to be in it almost every day at some level. One of my favorite perks of owning a home-based business is being able to take a break to play my piano once in awhile!

If I’m not doing any of the above, I’m probably hanging out with family or friends, or reading.

My Christian faith is very important to me. You’ll get a taste of it in a few of my articles here on the site, and more of it if you visit my blog, Active Outdoor Women.

I live near Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband of 25 years, Nick. We’ve raised three wonderful kids who are now adults. One of my major life adventures I will never regret is home educating them from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Would you like to know more? Check out my FAQ page. Or ask questions directly via email or phone…